Personalized wrench tool set with creativity

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Hardware tools are like a great partner in our life and work, small but with great energy hidden. I always spend half a day in the tool area watching screwdrivers, wrenches, and steel tongs. I carefully examine the structure and workmanship of each model, and if there are any good ones, I will buy them.

"I can't hold any more tools in my toolbox at home, so I still buy them.". "The furniture, doors, windows, and power switches in my home are broken. I am always excited to repair them, and I have a sense of achievement.". My wife asked me why I am so interested in this kind of tool and similar work as a repairman. I thought for a moment, but I don't know. I just saw an alternative set of wrenches on the internet, with 21 straps with nut slots attached to my fingers, which can be used as a wrench. Creative enough, but when the stud is too long, this thing won't come in handy, so it's not very practical. The market needs practical and creative tool products.