Wearing reflective vests reassures students when traveling

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Wearing reflective vests, standing in a neat line, walking out of the school gate, a touch of "fluorescent green" became a noticeable street scene in Jizhou District, Tianjin.

There are many mountain roads within the jurisdiction of Jizhou, and the road infrastructure around rural campuses is poor, which is easy to cause traffic accidents. In order to ensure the safety of students' travel, the Jizhou Traffic Police launched a police school enterprise co construction mechanism in early 2021. Six public welfare enterprises within the jurisdiction distribute reflective vests to students for free, and print reflective signs on the chest, back, and torso sides of the school uniform, without leaving blind spots.



"Day students wear reflective vests and school uniforms also have reflective markings, which is equivalent to having 'dual insurance'. Since last year, student related traffic accidents in Jizhou District have decreased by 14.38% year-on-year." According to Li Yongwang, the leader of the traffic police detachment of the Jizhou Branch of the Tianjin Public Security Bureau, more than 40000 day students in the district have now worn reflective vests, and all primary and secondary school freshmen have already worn school uniforms with reflective markings.